ATTN: ALL Real Estate Agents... 

Take the confusion out of Incorporating your Real Estate Business

Speak to a qualified accountant about your specific situation to make the decision whether to incorporate or not.

Dear Ontario Real Estate Agent,

How Much Money Are You Losing in Taxes?


The Canadian Personal Income tax system is a progressive tax system which means that the more $$$ you make, the more you get taxed. 


Many real estate agents find themselves paying as much as 53.5% in income tax to CRA effectively giving government more than what they earn.


One tax-saving strategy you can use to significantly and legally reduce the amount of taxes payable in your real estate business is to set up a Personal Real Estate Corporation.


Before now, Realtors in Ontario were not allowed to incorporate…


But with the passing of Bill 145 in March 2020, Realtors are allowed to set up corporations to conduct their real estate business.


This means Real Estate Agents can pay as little as 12.5% tax in the corporation! A reduction of 31% income taxes!


And this is why every Realtor in Ontario who wants to pay less, save more and invest more in their business is asking this important question:


Is incorporation right for my business or not?


The truth is…


There’s no right or wrong answer.


You need to talk to a qualified accountant with your specific situation to make the decision whether to incorporate or not.


Incorporation Is Not for Everyone, but It May Be for You…


And I can help you figure this out.


Who am I?


My name is Cherry Chan and I am not your regular Accountant…

Before I started my accounting practice, I  got my real estate license and became a realtor. 

The first year I was a realtor,


I made 6 figures gross commission income and because I am a registered accountant, I decided to do my own tax returns.


Similar to a lot of real estate agents, I waited till the last minute.


When I tallied up all my expenses, I realized I had a $20,000 tax bill of just income tax alone and another $10,000 of HST to pay!


I had to close a couple more deals just to pay off my tax debt and there's no opportunities for realtors to incorporate to pay less tax!


I realized that many real estate agents in Ontario do not only pay a lot of taxes, there are limited resources that are easy to understand and readily available information to teach us to lower taxes.


I want to help real estate agents in Ontario save money by setting up corporation that we can pay as little as 12.5% tax and put it in an easy to use recordkeeping system so that you can focus on running your real estate business rather than sweating over adding up receipts.


Here’s how I can help you…


Most Accountants out there will tell you that you need to earn net at least $100,000 commission income to make incorporation worthwhile.


This advice is a general blanket and may or may not be relevant to your specific situation because Income tax planning is very individualized.


It is important to give all the facts you have to a qualified accountant that knows real estate agent business inside out to make an informed decision for you.


Let me ask you a question:


Would you like to get tailored advice according to your unique situation from a qualified CPA on whether you should incorporate or not?


If you answered yes,


We guarantee that the consultation fee is 100% credited to your corporation setup cost.

Why Book A Consultation Today?

Incorporation isn’t a one size fits all solution. In order to enjoy the 12.5% income tax rate and tax deferrals available in a corporation, we have to get to know you, your business, and your personal financial situation. Here’s a video that dives deeper into that process:

Setting up a corporation can be very complicated, so when you book your half hour consultation with us, we will:

  • Carry out a high level incorporation analysis to determine if realtor incorporation is for you

  • Review your family and financial situation

  • Determine what your current tax position is

  • Establish your long term investment goals

  • Walk you through what we are proposing to do and the steps involved

  • Offer the most relevant service packages based on what you are looking for, what you are trying to achieve, growth goals, expectations in your business etc.

The best part, we guarantee that your consultation fee is 100% credited to your corporation setup cost

So, how much will it be worth to you to have a tailored made tax solution for you to lower your taxes to as little as 12.5%?


Some real estate agents in Ontario pay far more than this to the CRA in taxes every year!


It probably makes sense that I would charge $5,000 or more for this Consultation considering the amount of money you’d be able to save, invest in yourself, your business and your future when you are not giving it all to the CRA in taxes.


  • More cash flow in your business now

  • More $$$ in your personal life

  • Better retirement saving plan

  • Minimized taxes

  • To be able to split income between you and your family members

  • Financial clarity and confidence in your business

Here's what other clients who have worked with Cherry are saying...

Cherry is the consummate professional and an expert in accounting for real estate professionals. She has a unique ability to distill accounting terms and strategies into useful and relevant forms for us non-accountants types.

Ryan Hindmarsh,

Leadership Development Coach

LMI Canada

Cherry Chan’s expertise has been invaluable in many ways but for me personally as well as for many of our clients, her in-depth knowledge of tax from a real estate perspective has been essential for enabling clients to grow their portfolios much faster and more efficiently than if they were going at it alone. She is constantly updating her knowledge of changes within the tax environment to ensure our clients are making the best decisions for their business. She is also a true expert on real estate corporate structures. She truly knows her stuff and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase real estate or running a small business.

James Maggs,

Real Estate Investor


Why would you get advice that could be a lemon when you could get advice from Cherry?

Quentin DSouza,

Chief Education Officer

Durham Real Estate Investors Club

Kutner Law LLP Has worked with Cherry Chan And her clients for many years and have always found her to give clients excellent tax and business advice taking into account the client needs and assisting them to grow their portfolios in a tax-efficient manner.

Howard Kutner, LLB, LLMA

Building Wealth Together,


Cherry Chan

Refund Policy: Consultation fees are refundable if cancelled 48 hours before scheduled appointment. Please cancel appointment using the meeting invitation email. Incorporation fees and any fees associated with the corporation formation process are non-refundable. 5% admin and payment handling fee will be deducted on all refunds. Please allow 5-10 business days for refund processing.